Through CEO Roundtable, Debbie has created a unique and confidential peer-driven environment where members open avenues of greater potential by giving voice to challenges and concerns, testing assumptions, and brainstorming best-fit solutions with a select group of bright and talented peers in a collegial, non-competitive setting.

Debbie Drysdale is a private practice executive coach and president of CEO Roundtable, mentoring business leaders and entrepreneurs across diverse industries on topics related to leadership excellence, creative solutions, and business achievement. Leveraging over 25 years of corporate leadership and a strong focus on maintaining balance in personal and professional spheres, Debbie brings a wealth of experience and business savvy to her practice.


With over 25 years of corporate leadership, Debbie has an exceptional ability to zero in on core critical issues, driving process and performance to achieve profitable resolution. Debbie is a talented veteran of change management, executive team building, and resolution of complex business problems meeting challenges head-on with extraordinary results.

Debbie's at Motorola spanned 20 years of increasing responsibility, culminating in her role as Vice President and Division General Manager. She responded to corporate initiatives with the development and execution of long-range business plans and multi-pronged strategies which consistently drove profitability on next-generation and legacy product lines.

As CEO of Apex Microtechnology, Inc., she propelled growth and shareholder value during a severe market downturn, completing a product line acquisition achieving 200%+ IRR and leading Apex to record-high profits and gross margins – 63% GM, 23% profit before tax (ROS), 30% EBITDA, ultimately seeing the company through a successful $42M sale to Cirrus Logic.

In 2012, Debbie collaborated with a consortium of investors on the buyout of Apex Microtechnology back from Cirrus Logic. She is now a member of the Board of Directors of Apex, providing critical input on strategy discussions. In addition to her role with Apex, Debbie is on the Board of Advisors for DR Products, LLC and a member of the Board of Advisors for Agave Semiconductor.

​Today, as President of the CEO Roundtable and in her coaching practice, Debbie uses her talent and expertise to help executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders gain clarity and develop action plans to unlock business potential and maintain personal life balance.

About Debbie

Bringing clarity to a complex world

As a private practice executive coach, Debbie has been a trusted sounding board for company leaders and entrepreneurs, guiding her clients toward deeper insight into challenges and roadblocks, development of working solutions, and accountability on personal and professional goals.